How to Block GTBank ATM Card If it Gets Missing

block GTBank atm cardIf your GTBank ATM card gets missing, it’s best to block it immediately. Thieves that know how don’t need your ATM pin to use your card shop online. In these post, you will learn how to block GTBank ATM card if it gets stolen. The process of blocking your ATM card is called hot  listing.

When you hot list your ATM card, it becomes useless. No one can use it for anything. There are two ways to hotlist a GTBank ATM card; you can hotlist it either via SMS or through the GTBank internet banking platform.

How to Block GTBank ATM card through SMS

This step is easy and does not require an internet connection. You can block GTBank ATM card by sending a text message in this format; HOTLIST (NUBAN account number) to 08076665555. E.g HOTLIST 0123456789.

How to Block GTBank ATM card via Internet Banking

This method requires an internet connection. You must have also registered for the GTBank Internet Banking platform. Read our post on how to register for GTBank Internet Banking platform.

Log in to your internet banking. At the left-hand side of the dashboard, click on cards. Click on card hot list. Select the card, select the reason you want to block the card. Enter your internet banking secrete question and continue.

There are other ways you could also block your GTBank ATM card but the aforementioned are the fastest. Customers can mail GTBank at or tweet @gtbank and request for the stolen GTBank ATM card to be blocked.

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The card will be blocked from use immediately. Hence, in a case whereby the card is eventually found, it cannot be used again. The customer has to apply for another ATM card.

You could apply for a new card immediately after hot listing. You can only apply for a new ATM card through Internet banking.

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